Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Show Pony Snaps!!

Show Pony was AMAZING!!! So much fun, so much champagne.......the best part of the night was finding 50 bux outside woolies and using it to buy another 8 bottles of the finest bottom shelf bubbles!!! Thanks to everyone who came! Can't wait for the next one..........!!!!!!!
 Emily Hasselhoof's incredible holographics!
 Corey Crushcore's rainbow visions.
Rano, an outrageously amazing artist from Chile. We need to get this guy to Melbourne!!
 Texta Queen is so fierce!!! I want her wardrobe and visionz!!
 Corey's photos, so beautiful! I really loved these.
 Kake's prints!
 Paul Borchers, aka YOBKISS, painted this absolutely BRILLIANT mural in the space. He is from the Netherlands and in Australia for a few months. GET HIM 2 PAINT FOR YOU!!!
 Acid forest vibes!

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